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Do you have a car, motorcycle or maybe helmet that would need some colour? Or you have any other item that you want to give a really individual finish? Then we know exactly the place to go!

"Kayster Art" is the first company to offer Airbrush-Design in Shanghai. They do custom paint jobs and thus transform basically everything into a piece of art.

Plus the artists is a really nice guy! So check out their website if you want to get an Airbrush-Design in Shanghai!






Goth and Tattoos are like summer and ice cream. But getting a good tattoo in Shanghai is not that easy (what by the way also holds true for good ice cream...). There a a couple of studios, but when we were looking for a place to get inked ourselves, it seemed like a helpless case. But looking at two new and really amazing tattoos now, we can really recommend you a tattoo studio in Shanghai that deserves it: Kwan Yin Tattoo.

You never heard of it? Well, that's why we have to recommend it! ;-)

It might not be the biggest studio in Shanghai - but we all know that size does not matter.

It might not be the most prestigious studio in Shanghai - but a good reputation alone does not do a good job on your body art.

It might not be the cheapest studio in Shanghai - but if you are looking for that, you might find yourself in some guy's messy living room with a girl doing the laundry and the next potential customers entering because the living room is directly behind the apartement door (luckily we were the next potential customers and left immediately).

The artist might not speak english - but you are not paying for the conversation and he is working fast and clean.

So if you are looking for a place to get some ink under your skin, make sure to check out Kwan Yin Tattoo!




它可能不是最大的工作室在上海 - 但我们都知道大小并不重要

它可能不是最负盛名的工作室在上海 - 独好的口碑不做好对你的身体艺术

它可能不是最廉价的工作室在上海 - 但如果你正在寻找那个,你可能会发现自己在一些家伙凌乱生活室与一个女孩做的洗衣和未来潜在客户进入客厅,因为是直接的公寓,门背后(幸运的是我们的下一个潜在的客户,并立即离开)。

艺术家可能不会说英语 - 但你不支付的谈话,他正在快速和干净。