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If you are from Europe, you surely know about the tradition of Walpurgis Night. And if you have read Goethe's "Faust" you might remember the scene "Walpurgisnacht", in which the witches meet. If not - Let us explain you a little bit about it:

Walpurgis Night is a traditional spring festival that takes place on the night before the 1st of May - by the way, that is exactly half year until Halloween! ;)


It is believed that on this night all the witches ride their brooms to the "Blocksberg", a mountian in Germany, to hold a celebration, meet with the devil and dance around a fire.


Ok, we cannot fly on a broom. And, unfortunately, in Shanghai is would be quite difficult to have a nice bonfire... But what we can do is DANCE!


So, all you witches and other sinister creatures, let us get together and celebrate Walpurgis Night dancing and enjoing life to the fullest!


The party took place in INFERNO on the 30th of April 2012, starting at 21:00. DJ Nikita brought us the best Gothic Metal, Dark Electro, Dark Wave, Gothic Rock, Black Metal and much more music from the dark side, that we are all craving for.


Thank you all for attending this evening! It was a great time with all of you! And we are really looking forward to repeat it soon!