WGT 2013

Wave Gotik Treffen 2013





WGT 2013 is over, we are back in Shanghai after traveling in total more than 55 hours from Leipzig (note: flights with stopovers suck! This becomes even more obvious when you read the rest of our story…) and now it is time to tell you more about our Wave Gotik Treffen 2013:



The days before

The last week before WGT always seems to be the hardest – you are exited, maybe a bit nervous about the flight and you always still need to prepare one billion things while you never seem to have enough time for it. You need to dye your hair, pack your suitcase, check the weather every two hours and hope for the best (but actually if it is not your first WGT you know that a WGT without at least one shower of rain or a thunderstorm would not be complete). But the maybe hardest test for your patience is waiting for the official program to be released. We checked the website at least 5 times per day in the last 2 weeks before WGT, every time hoping that we would find the program online and we could start planning which concerts we could see. As we told you before, WGT does not only take place on one spot, but within the WHOLE city of Leipzig. So it might happen that you need to take 2 different trams and walk some time, easily ending up in a “travel time” of 45 minutes between two different venues. And until 5 days before, not even all bands were confirmed this year… But then, finally, we opened the website of WGT and there is was! 218 confirmed bands and artists and a huuuuge load of things to see and do around. With all the concerts, readings, exhibitions, opened museums, parties, movies and so on we immediately lost all track of what we would like to do and see. The only fixed point was the Victorian picnic – as always Friday afternoon at 15.00 in the “Clara-Zetkin”-parc. So we had to wait again – this time for the super practical file the magazine “Necroweb” usually publishes every year - basically an excel-table that shows you nearly all the events of WGT in a more practical format. And then, finally, on Wednesday, our hair was purple, our suitcases packed and our boarding passes for the trip from Madrid to Frankfurt and the train tickets to Leipzig as well as the Necroweb-pocket calendar were printed. We were ready!



We had to get up uncomfortably early to be in time for theairplane. But nevertheless: The party started! We celebrated in the plane from Madrid to Paris, where we had a short stopover and had to change the airplane, and then again in the plane from Paris to Frankfurt. WGT, we are coming! But after arriving in Frankfurt, our good mood was in grave danger: Air France had managed to forget our suitcases in Paris!  So: No clothes, no accessories, no makeup, nothing. But, according to the guy in the airport, the suitcases would arrive in Frankfurt with the next plane from Paris in the late afternoon. But we were heading for Leipzig. No problem, he told us – as Leipzig also has an airport, they would fly them to Leipzig and then deliver them directly to the hotel with a courier. This evening, latest Friday morning, we would have our luggage back. So far, so bad, but whatever: We had to catch our train and we could not change nothing for the moment. So we quickly went to the supermarket to buy some food and drinks and then we had our private WGT pre-party in the first-class compartment of our train.  And by the way: On the way from Frankfurt to Leipzig with the train, you pass by a town called “Gotha” – that fits, doesn’t it? ;-) 




As there was still no sign of our suitcases, there was a slight change of plans: instead of getting ready and then have a comfy breakfast, maybe the Absinth-breakfast in Sixtina, we first headed to buy some stuff in the city centre – like sun cream (to keep the complexion the way it should be: as white as possible! ;-) ), deodorant and at least some black eyeliner. Already here it became more than obvious, that WGT had begun – there came more and more people dressed in black from the main train station. And that was also the direction we were headed to now. Because we needed to take the tram to get to Agra and get the most important little piece of fabric for the moment: The “Bändchen” (the wristband for which you exchange your ticket). So we waited for the next tram with hundreds of other goth people, while the announcement at the station welcomed all visitors of Wave GotikTreffen in German as well as in English and explained how to get to the Agra. And there was black everywhere! People with a rather punky look, loaded with heavy backpacks and tons of stuff for camping, people in simple black outfits that hold their (goth^^) children by the hand, and already people in really “fancy” outfits that surely spent a couple of hours in the morning to do their clothes, hair and makeup. And already the “normal” people start to take pictures of everybody who looks “interesting” enough. But before the “red carpet parade” (or rather the “black carpet parade”… ;-) ) really begins, getting the wristband is THE aim for everybody.

After arriving at Agra and being a little bit disappointed that we only got a paper wristband (but being incredibly happy about our press passes)  , we went to the shopping area at Agra. Because there was still no sign of our suitcases and Nikita had nothing but his shorts that he was already wearing for 3 days, we needed to buy some clothes – and there is no bigger “dark” shopping mall (if you don’t count Taobao… ;-) ) than the shopping area at Agra. We had to wait for some minutes as – unlikely than the years before – the doors did not open before 13.00 o’clock. So we had a beer, looked around and discovered a couple of interesting outfits.










While we started to get more and more nervous about the time of the Victorian picnic coming closer and closer, still without our suitcases and thus without Nikita’s tuxedo and top hat and without my new tailor-made dress, my jewelry, my corset, my crinoline, my accessories and my makeup, Nikita started looking for at least a new skirt. And then we had good luck: In the shopping area we met some Russian friends and told them the story of our lost suitcases. It was also really visible that we needed something, as I usually do not walk around during Wave GotikTreffen with leggings, a long shirt and no makeup – especially not just 90 minutes before the Victorian picnic. I am not a “poser”, but when I finally have the chance to create a creative styling without being stared at as if I was a monkey in the zoo, I usually take that chance! And so one friend immediately said “I have a dress that could maybe fit you! Let’s go to the hotel and change!” and so we hurried back to the city centre and I could at least come to the picnic, wearing velvet, a corset and a crinoline. So at this point I have to say: Thank you so much again! :-)


Victorian picnic

It always feels like thousands of people gather for the Victorian picnic that – by now – is a fixed part of Wave GotikTreffen. Of course, most girls wear crinolines and corsets and many men come in suits. But that sounds too simple when you see all the creative outfits! Historic costumes, dresses that would be fitting for a royal wedding, amazing headdresses, couples in perfectly fitting steampunk-outfits or guys with big bellies in pink “Hello kitty”-suits – there is nearly nothing that you cannot find here. Some people just bring a bottle of wine and relax in the grass, some bring cups and drink tea on their blankets, some bring some snack and chatter with friends whereas others even bring tables, chairs, candles (of course in golden or silver candle holders), plates and cups and indulge in hand-made chocolates, patisseries, fresh fruits and more. But one thing is for sure: At least every second person has a camera. Even many people that have not much to do with WGT itself come to the picnic just to take pictures of the people there. So the whole park becomes like one huge photo shooting. And there are enough people that seem to take it like this and do basically nothing more than pose for all the cameras... We enjoy the scenery and of course it is a nice feeling when somebody asks you to take a photo. But we mostly come to meet our friends from all around the world and enjoy food and drinks on a blanket. And this year, as our suitcases still were far away, we took it even easier.

My only problem after some time started to be the fact that our friend is smaller and slimmer than me and thus that the corset was extremely tight and that I had not been eating anything during the whole day and Nikita did not have the time to buy some food. And again our friends could help us out: A Russian couple that lives in Germany and that came ONLY for the Victorian picnic this year (because she was supposed to give birth to their first child just 2 weeks later and thus they could not visit any concerts or parties anyway) brought enough homemade salads so that I could finally eat something. So here again I want to say: Thank you! :-)

Unfortunately we missed the concert of “ObererTotpunkt” in Sixtina because the way from the picnic back to the centre took us too long. So we headed back to the hotel. I wanted to take a small shower (the weather was really nice and warm this day – and cotton velvet is warm!) and I needed to get out of this corset – in this state I would not be able to enjoy any concert… So we refreshed ourselves, ate a bit more at the hotel and then took the tram again to get to Kuppelhalle for the concert of “DaemoniaNymphe”.

Kuppelhalle in general is a nice venue for concerts: It has a good acoustic, a really awesome atmosphere and the concerts that take place here are usually among our personal highlights during WGT. It is not always the most famous bands that play here, but they are basically always really good. The only disadvantage: Kuppelhalle is really hard to find if you don’t know the way (or you cannot follow a group of other people going there… ;-) )! Luckily, we already knew it and thus did not spend too much time to find the way.


DaemoniaNymphe (Greece)–Neofolk / Dark folk - Kuppelhalle

The sound check of DaemoniaNymphe took “forever”! They spend around half an hour to check all the instruments, one after another and then in combination. Every couple of minutes we thought the concert would finally start – but then the song stopped and they started over again. After the first couple of times you could hear the moaning in the whole venue. Then, suddenly the band left the stage. We were a bit confused, and started to make jokes about why they would run away now. But then, finally, the band came back – they had left to put on white masks that covered parts of their faces as part of their show! And this show, or better this concert as they put more emphasis on the music than on a “show”, was really good! Neofolk / Dark folk are no music styles made for party and so we enjoyed most of the concert sitting on the wooden stairs, listening to the instruments that now sounded good together (the sound check was long, but successful at least ;-) ) and to the female voices singing in a language that I never heard before.

After the concert, we took the tram again (what a surprise! ;-) ) and went to the medieval/pagan village “HeidnischesDorf”. With some beer from one of the small stores that open on the way only for WGT, we walked from the tram station towards the entrance and were “shocked”: A long line of people was waiting in front of the entrance. A VERY long line! And after asking a couple of people, we heard that they even had closed the entrance and did not allow any more people to enter until more people came out, because the venue was simply full. This was surely an inconvenient decision for all those who came too late, but an important decision for the safety of everybody. But luckily this rule did not apply for members of the press. Because otherwise we would not have been able to give you an impression of the concert of Faun! ;-)


Faun (Germany) - Pagan-Folk – Heidnisches Dorf

The concert of Faun was really good. As the band is very famous, there were a lot of people – all different kind of people and even children were dancing at the end of the area. Couples in love were standing arm in arm while the band was playing. Also we had to stand in the end of the meadow in front of the big stage in HeidnischesDorf, because the place was really crowded. During the concert it started to rain, but nearly nobody cares. It had been a warm day and the drops were not too cold. Somehow it was a “goth” kind of rain – as if the drops did not want to scare away all the people dressed in black from the concert. And the rain did not get stronger until the concert was over. So we did not stay for the fire show after, but we could enjoy all the time with Faun.Unfortunatelz due to the rain, we were not able to take pictures without putting our “equipment” in danger of getting wet…

After the concert, we headed back to the city centre to go to Sixtina for a steak and a bottle of “Odin”, which is a mix of beer and mead (honey wine). Back in the hotel, we hoped for good news but still: No sign of our suitcases…

















We got up in the morning and first called the reception of the hotel but still: Our suitcases were not there. So we called Air France once more: They should be in Leipzig, but now the courier will need a couple of hours until the afternoon or maybe the next morning to deliver them to us. I gave the poor customer service agent on the phone a piece of my mind. Then we had a glass of Absinth that we brought from Spain to calm down and looked out of the window – not to decide what to wear as there was not much of a choice, but to see if we would need an umbrella. It looked a bit cloudy, but in general the weather seemed ok. So we left to bring the dress back to our friend’s hotel, buy some food in a near supermarket and have a late breakfast in the hotel room. Then we started to get ready – at least a bit of makeup we bought the day before and we needed to check that we had everything in our bag and to see where we wanted to go on this day. And exactly the moment we wanted to leave the hotel, it knocked on the door and finally our suitcases were there! So we were happy and started again to change our clothes. Finally I could wear the things I could never wear here in Shanghai! Because it was a bit rainy and colder than the day before, I put slightly more fabric on my than planned, but nevertheless – in this outfit in Shanghai we would not be able to move nowhere due to the crowd of people taking pictures of us… ;-) And again, we took to tram to Agra for the next concerts of our WGT 2013.


There, we also fulfilled a promise we made last year: We gave some string for the guitar to Noctulus – a street musician that entertains Agra every year with his, let’s call it “unique”, music and lyrics and who is now even playing with his own “band” in front of the entrance to Agra. And by the way: If somebody is interested to make “Manga Death Metal” with him, just let us know and we will tell him next year! ;-)


Aslan Faction (Great Britain) – Dark Electro – Agra

Usually we don’t like to see concerts in Agra, because it is the biggest venue of WGT and usually the Headliners play here, so most of the concerts are quite crowded, the air in the hall is not too good (but by now a lot better since smoking is not allowed inside anymore!). But luckily, the concert of Aslan Faction was not too crowded and so we could really enjoy a concert of “solid” dark electro. While looking around, I could not help myself but smile about all the different kinds of people that visited the concert. There was everything from EBM-guys, Cyber-Goths, a girl that danced like a cyber but was wearing a ballroom-dress to a group that seemed like housewives who somehow got lost here.

We used the short break between the concerts to go to the bathroom. But in Agra, it always takes a bit longer for girls, as there is a long line of people waiting in front of the restrooms. That is no wonder: There are only 3 stalls for all the girls and especially styled Goths need more time in the bathroom – with all the tights, fishnets, corsets, crinolines and so on plus with correcting the makeup and hair you easily end up with 5 minutes per person...


Velvet Acid Christ (USA) - Experimental Dark Wave / Dark Electro – Agra

We have to say right now: Velvet Aid Christ was for us the best concert of this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen! The music, which is hard to describe, was absolutely awesome. That point we already knew (or at least hoped for, as some bands that are good on CD seriously suck when you hear them live). But the show he did really created an unforgettable experience. Besides the awesome music, the time between the songs was like the best comedy show we ever saw during a concert. Bryan Erickson acted like he was absolutely wasted and the first moments we really thought that he would be absolutely drunk or high as hell. But it was all just an act and we were laughing so much! But one moment the smile froze on my face: A woman with a boy of maybe 8 years. The child did not wear any ear protection at all (and a concert is not a really silent place suitable for small children’s ears!) and the woman (I assumed she was the mother) was pulling the boy towards the middle of the crowd directly in front of the stage while the child was poorly trying to covers at least one of his ears with his free hand. They were gone too fast to do something, but if I would have seen them before, I would have given this irresponsible person who was risking a child’s health for her own selfish pleasure a piece of my mind!


But luckily, not all parents in WGT are like that... We also saw a nice example for that:

After another glass of beer we left to take the tram for the next concert and were happy to leave Agra. Because the 2 seemingly endless lines of people that were trying to enter assured us that the following concerts of Suicide Commando, Leather Strip and IAMX would be absolutely crowded! But were we headed first back to the hotel and then to the concert of Ianva. Luckily the venue “Altes Landratsamt” was the building next to our hotel and thus we had enough time to eat something in the hotel before leaving.


Ianva (Italy) – Neofolk / Dark Cabaret – Altes Landratsamt

Ianva gave a good concert. Especially the interesting mix of different music styles and the unusual instruments on stage made it an interesting experience. They were for example playing a Tango (amongst others) and an accordion – something that you usually do not see in a “dark” concert. But also some of the visitors made us curious – for instance two guys in “normal”-“hip-hop-styled” clothes started to take pictures of each other and I was waiting for them to make the “West-Coast”-sign with their fingers, but they did not. But apparently they enjoyed the concert itself and that is one thing that we love about WGT – that you can meet the weirdest people there, weird in any kind of way! ;-)

Our original plans were to go to the fetish party. But as the concert of Ianva lasted nearly until 23:00 and the party had started at 22:00 already, plus we needed at least around 30-45 minutes to get to the party in Kuppelhalle, plus our feet were already hurting, we finally decided to go to Sixtina again.



On Sunday, we started our day very relaxed. We did not have many concerts to see that day, so we decided to just have a good time. At 12:00 we got up, started to get ready and had some breakfast and wine in the hotel. Then we took the tram and arrived at “Heidnisches Dorf” at 15:00. We walked around, ate some nice food there and enjoyed the good weather. Then, at 16:00, we went to the shopping area in Agra as there was the “traditional” meeting of Russians. After a couple of group pictures, we headed back to “Heidnisches Dorf”. On the way some people asked us to take fotos, but overall we seemed to be not as “interesting” as other people. In the pagan village, we even found a nice place in the shadow to put our blanket. So we were just sitting there in the grass with some friends, drinking mead, watching people and relaxing without shoes. At 19:45 we left the pagan village – not sober, but funny – and headed back to the center for the concert of Cassandra Complex.

Cassandra Complex (Great Britain) – Dark Wave / Gothic Rock - Altes Landratsamt

Again in the incredibly convenient location next to our hotel’s door, we enjoyed a good concert of Gothic Rock / Post Punk / Dark Wave. Quite “old school”… ;-) And for sure very “British”, not only because of the British English of the singer, but also because of the general sound of Cassandra Complex. The only thing that we did not really enjoy was the appearance of Henke for the second last song, because the show Rodney Orpheus and Henke did was… how to put that in a nice way… kind of gay and not really our cup of tea.

So we were not too sorry in the end when the concert was over and, despite the rain and us not having an umbrella with us, we headed once more to Sixtina for a bottle of Odin and a barbequed sausage.



Our last day of WGT 2013 started with a bit of a hangover – mead is sweet and there is a rule that sweet wine gives us headaches, but obviously we did not care about that the day before. So I decided that it would be a good day to not care too much about my outfit anymore – a thing that happens o me every year. Despite all the planning and the nice accessories in my suitcase, latest on Monday I am just too lazy, tired and / or hungover  too dress up anymore...

Our first aim on this day was an exhibition about the Ministry for State Security of the German Democratic Republic (= East Germany) and about goths in the GDR. The main means of presentation here were copies of original documents. For me (knowing German) it was really interesting: partly shocking (for example the law that ruled the exact procedure for executions), partly fascinating (for example the spying equipment), and partly funny  - especially when it came to the official documents about those strange groups of young people dressed in black. The clichés where simply laughable, although you still meet the same ideas nowadays (from “They only want attention” to “All Goths are Satanists”), the desperate attempts to explain what is goth in “officialese” were hilarious and the spelling mistakes were awesome (my favorite was the try to write “The Cure” by a person who obviously did not read or write any English: “De Geure”). But as Nikita does not understand that much German, he got bored quite quickly and so we left again and took the tram to Agra.

There, we went shopping a bit. Actually, Mondays are the best for shopping during WGT, as it is the last day and many of the sellers start to give quite good discounts. So we bought one silver ring. But the rest of time we actually spent laughing: Nearly every item in the market (despite, of course, the handmade clothes for example) was made in China and nearly everything that we saw in the big stores we had already seen in Taobao before – with the same amount on the price tag, but with the letters “RMB” instead of “EUR” behind the numbers. Not sure, but assuming that this baby-toilet with the writing "Kack'n'roll" (what means basically "shit'n'roll") was also made in China... ;-)

After our “shopping” tour, we went to Heidnisches Dorf again. We were planning to go and see Uler, but with all the mead, tasty food, the relaxed atmosphere and the good music, the pagan village „caught” us again and we stayed. So we walked around the pagan village and enjoyed our last day of WGT there.

Donner Trummel (Germany) – medieval music – Heidnisches Dorf (small stage)

We did not plan to see this concert, but while walking through the whole pagan village, we came by the small stage in the back of the area. And there, on a small stage, played a small medieval band. Even the audience was small – maybe 10 people in total. But the fun was huge! People were jumping in front of the stage, some were dancing barefoot in the mud and also we could not help ourselves than really enjoy the good mood those “minstrels” (that, by the way, does not only play their instruments but also actually make them by themselves) brought to everybody around – although we actually saw only the end of the concert. But next time we will definitively look out for them on the program! ;-)


And then there was our last concert of WGT 2013:

Saltatio Mortis (Germany) – Medieval Metal – Heidnisches Dorf

We actually missed the beginning of the concert – nearly 4 days of festival took their toll and we were sitting, tired but happy, on some stones quite far away from the stage and could just not find the energy to stand up. But after some time we finally forced ourselves and saw the second half of the concert. Saltatio Mortis gave the good show that we awaited from them, playing good medieval styled rock music and made nice jokes between the songs. And the party in the crowd was real fun.


After the concert, we stayed in Heidnisches Dorf for some time. But it stared to be too obvious that WGT 2013 came to an end. The rest of people that was left in the pagan village was sitting around a bonfire. Some of the food stand were already closed, other started to run out of food. But people were buying everything that was left over, and so did we – plus two nice beers that we never found anywhere than here: Cherry-beer (it seriously tastes like cherries) and “Devil’s”-beer (a very tasty black beer). But even that could not help to ignore that in general, the mood was getting more and more sad. So we decided not to go anywhere else, but just get back to the hotel and go to sleep.



We had to get up quite early to check out from the hotel in time. Then we just had to kill some hours until our train was leaving for the airport (from where we would fly back to Shanghai via Dubai, what would make a total travel time of 55 hours and the next day I had to go back to work after arriving home at around 2:00 in the morning, but who cares – it was worth it!). So we went to the center. There were people with suitcases everywhere – this time they looked a lot more tired and exhausted than on Friday. It was sure that everybody was leaving. And suddenly there were a lot less people dressed in black in the streets. We walked up to Sixtina, just to get the bad news that we would never be able to go to the Sixtina as we knew it, because they would close down the location closer to the Main Station. For us, this news was a small shock because we loved Sixtina as we knew it. But we got a poster to not forget it – and they would open in a new location, around 10 minutes walking from the old location, anyway. So Wave Gotik Treffen 2013 was over, but it was awesome. And we already started to count down the days to Wave Gotik Treffen 2014!



Wave Gotik Treffen in Germany - an introduction


We all know that the gothic scene in China is still small and far from being as developed as it is in Europe. Everybody who talked with us in the last weeks surely heard about the big festival that we are going to visit in May. It was only 22 years ago that this gathering of the dark scene in Germany was held for the very first time. So we think we should present you what can be developed within a little more than two decades – and maybe in a little more than 2 decades somebody will write about the beginning of “the big gothic festival” in China. ;-)


Every year at Whitsun (a holiday that takes place in May or June) more than 20.000 Goths from all around the globe gather in the city of Leipzig an celebrate the Wave-Gotik-Treffen for 4 complete days. It all started with two Goths who had the wish to not just create a music festival to make money with, but to create a gathering of like-minded people to relax, meet and celebrate their style of life. So in 1992 around 2.000 visitors saw a small couple of bands and met new people from east and west Germany. For those of you who did not know: Until 1990 Germany was divided into the “capitalist” west and the “communist” east. And for those of you who are too lazy to look it up on the map: Leipzig is situated in the “east” part of Germany. ;-)


This year the Wave-Gotik-Treffen or short WGT will take place for the 22nd time – and more than 20.000 people from all around the world are expected to visit Leipzig for this event from May 17th to May 20th.


Besides the gathering and meeting, also the program improved a lot over the years. There will be more than 200 bands and artists performing and no matter what style of dark music you prefer, you will surely find concerts that you don’t want to miss. The music ranges from Electro-Pop to Gothic Metal, from Dark Ambient to medieval music, from EBM to Neofolk and from Industrial to Gothrock. There is basically no style that you cannot find. There will be famous bands that everybody knows as well as less-known real underground bands or artists from the edge of the Gothic music universe. And even classical music won’t be hard to find this year. As it is the 200th Birthday of Richard Wagner and the composer was born in Leipzig, the opening performance of WGT on Friday will be all about Wagner: A performance of some of Wagner’s pieces accompanied by a light show in front of the “Völkerschlachtsdenkmal” – a huge monument of 91 meters. But also some of Wagner’s operas are part of the program (obviously played in the opera house) and for those who prefer Mozart, his Requiem will be performed in an impressive crypt as part of WGT as well.


Furthermore the gathering does not only focus on music. Besides the over 200 bands and artists, there will be as well a medieval market place, a pagan village, authors readings, theatre plays, movies in the cinema, a big live action role play, a huge Victorian picnic, the biggest gothic marketplace in the world, free entrance to several museums and an uncounted number of parties with different styles of music and DJs from around the world – including, by the way, a fetish party that makes Shanghai’s “pervert party” look like a frigid, boring prude that know the word “pervert” only thanks to her dictionary.


All these events can obviously not take place in just one single venue. That is why the WGT takes place in more than 30 venues spread throughout the whole city of Leipzig. Besides the already mentioned crypt, there is for instance the vaults of the Moritzbastei, the neo-antique cupola hall of the Volkspalast, in the green round of the open-air Parkbühne, as well as lager and smaller concert halls, bars, clubs, the theater, the cinema, the opera house and much more. An if you need to take a break from all the events, taking a walk in the city center of Leipzig with its historical buildings of the Renaissance, Baroque and Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) eras is always a great pleasure.


With all this possibilities and events, you will of course be on your way thought the whole city (by the way: if you take the public transportation, it is for free for all WGT-guests during the festival) – together with more than 20.000 other people dressed in all shades of black (you might not believe how many colors can be found in the dark scene! ;-) ). And exactly here comes what for me is always the best part of the WGT: The people! And I don’t only talk about the other Goths from every corner of the world that you can meet and become friends with. Also the “normal” inhabitants of Leipzig give you such a warm welcome, that you don’t feel like an animal in the zoo or the devil in person – but just accepted and welcomed as who you are.


We will provide all those of you that won’t be able to make it to the WGT this year with a detailed report of the festival once we will be back. If you want to find some more information in advance, you can check www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/english. There is also a facebook site under www.facebook.com/WaveGotikTreffen, but we all know that facebook cannot be accessed in the People’s Republic of China… ;-)


And for those you don’t want to leave our website yet, here we have some more benchmark data about the WGT:




4-Days-Ticket for all events within the 22nd Wave-Gotik-Treffen for 89,- € (approximately 720 RMB) each in advance ticket sale, including free using of public transport (no taxis




If you cannot or do not want to stay in a hitel, there is a camping area. For camping you need a special ticket called Obsorgekarte for 25,- € (around 200 RMB) (including advance sale charge).


All tickets can be ordered via www.wave-gotik-treffen.com 


Official photos of the last years can be found under:




Currently there are 112 artists confirmed (as of April 13)


<1979> (D) - A Split Second (B) - Abney Park (USA) exclusive German show 2013 - Alexander Paul Blake's Aethernaeum (D) world premiere - Altar Of Plagues (IRL) - Bloody, Dead & Sexy (D) - Brigade Werther (D) - Burn (D) - C-Lekktor (MEX) - Crematory (D) - Darkwood (D) - Desireless & Operation Of The Sun (F) - Devilish Impressions (PL) - Digitalis Purpurea (I) - Din Brad (RO) - Duncan Evans (GB) - Dunkelschön (D) - Echo West (D) - Enabled Disaster (D) - End Of Green (D) - Ensiferum (FIN) - Fejd (S) - Formalin (D) - Frank (Just Frank) (F) - Future Trail (D) - Gitane Demone (USA) - Grausame Töchter (D) - Halo Effect (I) - Hautville (I) - Hecate Enthroned (GB) - Henric De La Cour (S) - Hypnoskull (B) - I Like Trains (GB) - IAMX (GB) - In Mitra Medusa Inri (D) - In Strict Confidence (D) - Incite/ (D) - Incubite (D) - IRM (S) - Iszoloscope (CDN) - K-Bereit (F) - Karin Park (S) - KMFDM (USA) - Koffin Kats (USA) - Korpiklaani (FIN) - Lacrimosa (D) - Leather Strip (DK) - Letzte Instanz (D) - Lord Of The Lost (D) - Lux Interna (USA) - Martial Canterel (USA) - Metallspürhunde (CH) - Nachtgeschrei (D) - Namnambulu (D) reunion - Naughty Whisper (I) - Negură Bunget (RO) - Noisuf-X (D) - Nomans Land (RUS) - Objekt/Urian (D) - Orange Sector (D) - Other Day (D) - Passion Play (GB) final farewell show - Patenbrigade Wolff (D) - Phosgore (D) - Predominance (D) - Proyecto Mirage (E) - Readjust (D) - Reformed Faction (GB) - Saltatio Mortis (D) - Scarlet Soho (GB) - Serpentyne (GB) - Sex Gang Children (GB) - She Past Away (TR) - Shiv-R (AUS) - Skeletal Family (GB) - Sleeping Dogs Wake (GB) perform "Understanding" - worldwide exclusive one-off show - Soft Kill (USA) - Soriah (USA) - Still Patient? (D) - Suicide Commando (B) vintage set - Sutcliffe Jügend (GB) - Talvekoidik (D) - Tears Of Othila (I) - Terminal Gods (GB) - The 69 Eyes (FIN) - The Birthday Massacre (CDN) exclusive German show 2013 - The Blue Angel Lounge (D) - The Breath Of Life (B) - The Cassandra Complex (GB) - The KVB (GB) - The Mescaline Babies (I) - The Spiritual Bat (I) - The Spook (D) - The Twilight Garden (USA) - The Vision Bleak (D) - Theatres Des Vampires (I) - Thundra (N) - Ulver (N) exclusive performance with orchestra - Unitary (S) - Unzucht (D) - Velvet Acid Christ (USA) exclusive European show 2013 - Vermaledeyt (D) - VNV Nation (GB) - Welle:Erdball (D) - Whispers In The Shadow (A) - Winterkälte (D) - Wipeout (A) - Wolfchant (D) - X-Improviso (NZ) - X-In June (D) - Xandria (D) - Xeno & Oaklander (USA) -