WGT 2014

Wave Gotik Treffen 2014

Wednesday, June 4 2014

While most other visitors from Europe probably were still looking forward to WGT 2014, our journey already began. After working the weekend shift until Tuesday, I had had no time to prepare my suitcase in advance this year. And anyways, there is still so much to do... Whereas Nikita stays calm and only starts throwing T-Shirts and shorts in his suitcase some when in the afternoon, I run around the flat like a scared chicken since 10 AM. The phrase "I cut you!" becomes less a threat and more a nice help as we help each other shaving our under-, respectively sidecuts. Luckily, we have already dyed our hair a week ago. But a nice, clean shave does not last that long. After that, I run around between bathroom, bedroom, office and living room, collecting all those things I should not forget. My secret weapon in the fight against chaos this year: plastic bags. To avoid the yearly scene of me desperately searching for exactly THAT black skirt in a suitcase full of black clothes in a hotel room in Leipzig, finally completely emptying the suitcase on the floor while Nikita waits and waits, this year I put each outfit (one per day - not two as before when I tried to have one day outfit for concerts and one night outfit for parties, I learned that that does not work and that I can wear a corset 16 hours straight if necessary) in a separate plastic bag. After I am done with all 4 bags plus the more simple clothes for later (we went to my parents home after WGT again) plus all the other stuff one needs when traveling, I am surprised: a lot of space left and only 13 kg of luggage. Well done! But now we get more and more nervous. We try to calm down with a shot of Absinth while I am doing my nails, but that only partly helps. And finally our time of departure has come a lot fast than we expected.


Sad for leaving our cats alone (after whom a friend will look while we are gone), we leave for the airport and the party begins. After a little confusion about our airline, we really end up at the right gate and in the right plane that brings us to Beijing. Unfortunate for us, we chose to fly Air China (note to myself: Don't fly Air China anymore!) and all we get is cake for dinner (sweet enough to make me sick). In Beijing airport then, everything is closed at midnight. So we spend out waiting time next to the vending machine that (luckily) sells cold beer (I wonder how they handle the age restriction - maybe they trust in the fact that Chinese beer hardly makes anybody drunk...). And we start to plan the days to come. With a pen and a printout of the Necroweb pocket calendar as our weapons, we dissect the program. One cross here, one question mark there, some bigger and some smaller. In the end the summary is: This WGT will be relaxed. Not, that there would not be enough interesting concerts to see. But we got picky and old (or maybe just lazy and we call it old). This band we already saw twice. Not necessary. This band plays in Agra - too crowded, too loud, no air, no fun. These two bands play too close after each other - too much stress running from A to B. This band plays in a venue far away where you have to stand and late at night - by that time I want to sit and not travel around the whole city for half an eternity. And anyways the last couple of years (for both of us, this is WGT number 7) have proven us that in the end, you can never see all the concerts you would like too. For that, there are too many people you want to spend time with and sitting in Heidnisches Dorf (the pagan village) simply is too "comfy".


After around 2 hours and the positive feeling that this should have been enough time to bring our luggage from one plane to another but just in case with more than dirty clothes in our carry on, our journey continues. In the airplane we are fed and watered (or better: beered, although they even serve warm beer as Chinese do so many times) and desperately try to find sleep.


而其他大多数游客来自欧洲可能仍然期待WGT 2014年,我们的旅程已经开始了。工作周末轮班,直到周二以后,我已经没有时间,今年准备我的手提箱提前。反正和,仍然有很多工作要做......虽然尼基塔保持冷静,只有开始投掷T恤和短裤在他的手提箱时,一些在下午,我周围地势平坦像鸡吓得跑自10 PM。那句“我砍了你!”变小的威胁,更多的是很好的帮助,因为我们互相帮助剃我们理解,分别sidecuts。幸运的是,我们已经在一周前染成我们的头发。但一个不错的,洁净的剃须不会持续那么久。在那之后,我的浴室,卧室,办公室和客厅之间奔波,收集所有这些事情我不应该忘记。今年我的秘密武器在打击乱斗争:塑料袋。为了避免我的年度现场拼命寻找正是黑裙在一个手提箱全黑色的衣服在宾馆的房间在莱比锡,终于彻底清空行李箱地板上,而尼基塔等待,等待,今年我把每装(单每天 - 而不是两个,当我试图一天时间装音乐会和一个晚上装备各方以前,我知道了那不工作,我可以在一个单独的塑料袋穿上紧身胸衣16小时直如有必要)。之后我与所有4袋加上更简单衣服后进行(我们去我的父母WGT后再次回家),加上都是一个旅行时需要其他的东西,我很惊讶:很多剩余空间只有13公斤行李。做得好!但是,现在我们得到越来越紧张。我们试图平静下来了一枪苦艾酒,而我做我的指甲,但只是部分帮助。最后我们离开的时候到了很多快于我们的预期。
伤心独留我们的猫(其中经朋友会看,而我们都走了),我们离开机场和党开始。经过我们的航空公司有点混乱,我们真的结束了在右闸,并在正确的平面上给我们带来了北京。不幸的是,我们选择了飞中国国航(注到自己:不要飞中国国航了!),而我们得到的是蛋糕吃晚饭(甜足以让我恶心)。在北京机场,然后,一切都营业到午夜十二点。所以我们花了等待时间旁边的自动售货机(幸运)出售冰镇啤酒(我不知道他们是如何处理的年龄限制 - 也许他们的事实,中国啤酒很难让任何人都醉了......相信)。我们开始规划未来的日子里。用钢笔和Necroweb口袋日历我们的武器的打印输出,我们解剖程序。一个交叉这里,一个问号出现,一些较大的和一些较小。最后总结是:这WGT将有所放松。不,这不会有足够的有趣的音乐会,看看。但是,我们得到了挑剔的老(或者只是懒惰,我们把它叫做老)。这个乐队我们已经看到了两次。没有必要。在阿格拉这个乐队演奏 - 太拥挤,太大声,没有空气,没有乐趣。这两支乐队打对方后太近 - 运行从A到B的场内此乐队演奏远,你必须在晚上站和后期压力太大 - 到时候我要坐,而不是整个周游城市半永恒。反正和在过去几年(我们两个,这是WGT 7号)已经证明我们在最后,你永远无法看到所有你想太多了音乐会。为此,有你想花时间与和坐在Heidnisches多夫(异教村)人太多简直是太“舒适”。


Thursday, June 5, 2014


It is not even 6 AM local time (or midnight Chinese time) when we land in Frankfurt. To our pleased surprise, the coffee in the plane was not that bad, so we do not fully look like zombies yet although that is pretty much how I feel. Nevertheless: We are in Germany and WGT is coming!


Our next stop is the supermarket at Frankfurt Airport train station. Sure, it is breakfast time in Germany. But for us, it is party time! And our mood as well as our jet lag (I mean when it is 2 AM for me, I can have a drink - but my body does not agree to have breakfast at that time of the night...) justify the purchase of berry wine (who could resist cherry, blueberry and blackberry wine?!) and sparkling wine with our obligatory cheeses, black bread, herring and sausages. While making jokes about "Sektfrühstück" (sparkling wine breakfast) (at least in German, that actually is a thing!) and watching people, we somehow manage to spend the hours until 10 something. We board the train, find our reserved seats (they charge extra for that, but as long as there is no natural disaster, it is totally worth it!) and off we go. In the train, you can clearly see where we are headed. People dressed in black in every wagon. We fulfill our yearly quest and take pictures of Gotha train station (it actually is a very ordinary town, but the name just fits too well when you are on your way to WGT!).


And after around 4 hour during which I completely lose track of the time, we finally arrive in Leipzig. The next "yearly quest" is fulfilled by Nikita taking a picture at the train station and the we are off for the hotel. After some slight confusion (we booked a double, but changed to a triple as Margo would come and stay with us although she messed up her timetable a bit and would arrive Friday night, but at first we only got a normal double room) and an epic fail (or better fall) by Nikita (I won't give the specifics here, but he claimed it was the stairs' fault...), we have settled down and look at our new New Rocks (that we got sent to the hotel to save the long delivery time).


We refresh ourselves a bit and head towards Agra for our press passes. And our first impression in the tram: It seems kind of empty this year! Maybe it is that it is still early? However, this impression will last over the rest of the weekend. The trams as well as the venues seemed overall less crowded than the years before. Some might take that as a bad sign in terms of less visitors. We however took it as a good sign. Probably there were a bit fewer people. Or probably there were more trams and we chose the right concerts to avoid the big crowds. In any case: When you actually have space and air in the tram as well as in the concert, the festival gives much more pleasure than if you all the time feel liked locked in Shanghai's Metro during rush hour somewhere around people's square station...


At Agra we get our wristband, but we are informed that for the passes, we will have to return tomorrow. But whatever, WGT has started for us! At the gas station in front of Agra we buy a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate. Surprisingly, there is no waiting line yet and no security guard that lets the people only enter one after another and only after somebody else came out again. But it's only Thursday afternoon, so there are less people than there will be on the rest of the long weekend. Our opening of the (for fun pre-shaken)|bottle with a loud "pong" and a foam fountain is greeted with applause at the tram station - everybody is in the mood to celebrate!


Back at the main station, we walk along the looooong line of people waiting to exchange their ticket for a wristband, looking for familiar faces. We don't see any, but we spend some time with a group that is pushing a complete box of beer every time they can move a step. "To shorten the waiting time" and "to pre-party", they explain. We stick around a while and chat, Nikita gets a beer, they get some bubbly - chat and share a drink indeed is a perfect normal thing to do with complete strangers during WGT as most people feel like we are all a huge, black family, at least for those 4-6 days (depending if you count Thursday and Tuesday as well) of the year. At some point, we move on. And suddenly hear somebody speaking Russian. Now, our "destiny" for today is determined - Russians stick together anyways and although we do not know the 2 girls, there is much to talk. It is their first time in Leipzig and Nikita, as you would await it from one of the administrators in the official WGT group in VK (the Russian facebook - just it's NOT blocked in China and better than facebook anyways^^), explains them everything they ask. But when the girls have their wristbands and they all decide to go eat something, my stamina is over. I excuse myself to go and take a shower. But once I am in the hotel, I see this comfortable bed, the fresh linen and soft blanket... I have not slept for over 36 hours. And later we might go to a party, maybe... So I decide to lay down at least for some minutes. And I am gone. Later, Nikita tells me that he came and asked if it was ok with me if he would sit outside with a group of Russians. Apparently, I agreed. But all I can remember is waking up around 7 AM the next morning...


我们的下一站是超市在法兰克福机场火车站。当然,这是在早餐时间德国。但对我们来说,这是党的时间!而我们的心情,以及我们的时差(我的意思是,当它是上午02点给我,我可以喝一杯 - 但我的身体不同意吃早餐在夜间的那个时候......)证明购买浆果酒(谁可以抗拒的樱桃,蓝莓和黑莓酒?!)和起泡酒与我们义不容辞的奶酪,黑面包,鲱鱼和香肠。同时使关于“Sektfrühstück”(起泡酒早餐)(至少在德国,实际上是一个东西!),看笑话的人,我们以某种方式设法度过小时,直到10的东西。我们登上火车,找到我们的保留席位(他们收取额外费用的,但只要没有自然灾害,这是完全值得的!)和关闭我们去。在火车上,你可以清楚地看到,我们的领导。人们身着黑色每个车皮。我们履行我们每年的追求,并采取哥达火车站的照片(这实际上是一个非常普通的小镇,但这个名字只是适合当你对你的方式来WGT太好了!)。
在阿格拉,我们得到我们的腕带,但我们被告知,对于传球,我们将不得不返回明天。但不管,WGT已经开始为我们!在阿格拉前面的加油站,我们买了一瓶起泡酒来庆祝。出人意料的是,没有等待行了,没有保安员,它让人们只陆续输入一个只有经过别人又出来了。但它只是周四下午,所以有少人比上会有的长周末休息。我们的(为了好玩预先动摇)的开|瓶子大声“乒乓”和泡沫喷泉迎接掌声在电车站 - 大家的心情来庆祝!
返回主站,我们相处的人等着交换他们票腕带的一长串线行走,寻找熟悉的面孔。我们没有看到任何,但我们花一些时间与一组是推动啤酒每次可以移动一个步骤时一个完整的盒子。 “为了缩短等待时间”和“预先党”,他们解释说。我们坚持围绕一段时间聊天,尼基塔得到了啤酒,他们得到了一些活泼的 - 聊天和共享饮料确实是一个完美正常的事情WGT期间做与完全陌生的人,因为大多数人觉得我们都是一个巨大的,黑人家庭,至少对于那些4-6天(取决于如果算上周四和周二也一样)的一年。在某些时候,我们继续前行。突然听到有人讲俄语。现在,我们的“命运”今天的决定 - 俄罗斯粘在一起,反正,虽然我们不知道的2个女孩,有很多说话。这是他们第一次在莱比锡和尼基塔,你会等待它从VK官方WGT组中的管理员之一(俄罗斯Facebook的 - 只要它不是在中国被屏蔽,更好地比Facebook反正^^),他们解释说一切他们问。但是,当女孩有自己的腕带,他们都决定去吃点东西,我的体力已经结束。我原谅自己去洗个澡。但是,一旦我在酒店,我看到这个舒适的床,新鲜的床单和柔软的毯子......我还没有睡超过36小时。后来我们可能会去参加一个聚会,也许......所以我决定放下至少在一段分钟。而我走了。后来,尼基塔告诉我,他来了,问这是确定我是否愿意与一群俄罗斯人坐在外面。很显然,我同意了。但我所记得的是,第二天早上醒来早上7点左右...



Friday, June 6, 2014


After finally having a good night's rest, we woke up rather early on Friday and as our stomachs (especially mine!) were rumbling due to a lost dinner last night, we decided for the luxury of a lengthy hotel breakfast. We therefore strengthen ourselves with cheese, sausages, black bread, fish and Co. for a long day - it would get much longer than we expected... But first things first. I should stop all those spoilers... ;-) Well, anyways, after breakfast we went up again and I started to get ready while Nikita got more and more bored. Same story, I guess, as for almost every couple - except for those were the guy needs around 1-2 hours for his styling, in WGT you see quite a lot of those as well... A while later, I was (Nikita would add finally, I would add already) ready. But before heading to Agra for our press passes, we first had to meet with a (I might add "real") journalist. Who is crazy enough to fly 12 hours from Shanghai for WGT? And anyways, what are goths doing in China? The local newspaper wanted to answer those questions and therefore asked us for an interview. So we sat in front of the hotel in the cafe, had a cup of coffee (respectively a beer in case of Nikita) and chatted with the Journalist for a while.


Then we had to head to Agra to get our Press passes and, even more importantly, our wrist bands. Without those, we would not be able to visit any concert! Already later than expected, we arrived at Agra. When coming out of the Tram, a little girl asked us if she could take a picture of us. She was just spending her Friday after school there, taking photos of people. And on her shoulder she had a real life raven! The bird, she told us, was her pet. They had found it wounded, fallen out of the nest, years ago and taken care of it until it was healed, grown up and healthy. And since then, it would not leave them – even though it could fly away at any time, it stayed with the family and accompanied the girl whenever possible. We could not resist and asked her to take some photos with the black bird – to which she agreed immediately and also the bird did not seem to mind.


Once we were settle with everything, we were already late for the Victorian picnic. But we still needed to buy at least something to drink. So we hopped into the gas station opposite of Agra (that was surprisingly empty and not yet manned with the security guard who usually took care that not too many people entered at one time) and bought some cold champagne.


On our way to the Victorian picnic, we, as always, were not sure how to get there. I really do not know how we can manage to find everything in Leipzig, except for the Clara Zetkin park each year over and over again... But, luckily, even though we were quite late already, a picnic is people sitting on a meadow eating, drinking and spending time together and not a concert where you might miss out on something crucial when coming a bit later. And, also lucky for us, we were not the only ones still on their way to the spot. So we did as we do each year: Go to the tram station mentioned on the program and then just follow the crinolines or tuxedos in front of you. Even though each year it seems like nobody know how exactly to get to the picnic when you ask around, there also always seems to be somebody who knows and like little ducklings, a trail of people just waddles after them. It is kind of fun to see and to be part of...


After a while of calling unanswered mobiles, wandering around and a tiny bit of yelling, we even managed to find our friends that were already there. Maybe the biggest joy was to see our friend's daughter. Just the year before, they had come only for the picnic (and drive back home after) as she was 9 months pregnant by that time – and just about a week after she had had a little girl. This year, they came with their 1-year old daughter. So there was plenty to talk about, until the kid got too tired and needed a good nap back at the hotel. We stayed, though, and chatted on with many, many people we had not seen in a year. And, as it also has become a yearly quest for us, we ignored the fact tat there would have been some concert late in the afternoon that we would have wanted to see and stayed at the park much longer than expected. In any case, the band would be playing again on another day and there was no need to hurry ourselves.


So, the only concert we ended up seeing that day was Desiderii Marginis (post industrial/dark ambient). While it was indeed very interesting, I have to admit my mind was fixed on another thing: Margo was about to come! We had no seen our best friend (whom some of you surely know from her time in Shanghai) in several months as she was living in Russia by then. As mentioned before, she had messed up her schedule a bit (to those who know her: Margo – need I say anything more? ;-) ) and we were waiting for the call or SMS telling us that she had finally made it to Leipzig. And indeed, some when during the concert we finally got the SMS that she had arrived at the train station and was heading to the hotel now (the front desk knew another guest was about to come and kept a key for her, luckily). By that point, there was no way of stopping me anymore and we headed back to the hotel to meet up.


After lots of hugs and kisses, we finally decided to go to the new Sixtina. As you might remember from last year's report, the old venue has been shut down and they are no a bit more out of the center of town. But, luckily, Leipzig is not Shanghai – so being a bit more out of the center does not mean that you need to spend at least half an hour in the tram or Metro. It just means you either take 2-3 stations by tram, or you walk for about 10-15 minutes. So actually, it is no big deal. We opted for the tram and, with some help as we had no idea where exactly to go, finally found it. So we spend time in the Absintherie's beer garden area, talking and, admittedly, drinking. Amongst others, there was a about half full bottle of Vodka on one of the benches. It was not ours to begin with. But when cleaning up, one of the waiters heard Nikita and Margo talking Russian. He asked if the bottle was ours, we we denied, as it was not ours. He then asked if they were Russian, which they said they were. So he drew the logical conclusion that, as Russians, they should keep the Vodka. Sometimes, stereotypes can help you to get free drinks. Who knew...


When we decided to leave and return to the hotel, it was already quite late at night and neither the late hour, nor the vodka had done anything to boost our sense of orientation. So we basically had no idea how to get back to the hotel. We started to walk in what we thought was the way we had come from anyways. It ended up not to be where we had come from... But when we saw a group of people sitting outside a building on some beer benches, we approached them to ask how to get back to the train station. As a result, we were invited for a drink and we ended up sitting and talking with those strangers until dawn. But one of our most favorite running gags started that night: Margo, as part of her outfit, was wearing the skull of a fox on her head. So one of the guys started singing “What does the fox say?!” and she replied: “Nothing. It is dead.” On the way back to hotel, it was already light morning and Margo was so cold and tired, that she had to use my dress as a coat and feel asleep in the tram. But we sure as hell had fun that night!


后,终于有一个良好的夜间休息,我们醒来早,而上周五为我们的胃(尤其是我的!)被隆隆由于失去了昨晚的晚餐,我们决定一个漫长酒店早餐的奢侈品。因此,我们加强自己与奶酪,香肠,黑面包,鱼和公司漫长的一天 - 它会得到比我们预期的要长得多......但是,首先第一件事情。我应该停止那些破坏者...... ;-)好吧,反正,吃完早饭我们就起来了,并且我开始做准备,而尼基塔得到越来越多的无聊。同样的故事,我猜,因为几乎每对夫妇 - 除了那些人的家伙需要大约1-2个小时为他的造型,在WGT你看到相当多的,以及......过了一会儿,我是(尼基塔将增加最后,我想补充的话)准备好了。但在此之前前往阿格拉对我们的新闻通过,我们首先必须满足一个(我想补充的“真实”)的记者。谁是够疯狂飞12小时来自上海的WGT?反正和什么是哥特人在中国做?当地报纸要回答这些问题,因此要求我们的采访。因此,我们坐在酒店门前的咖啡厅,喝了一杯咖啡(分别在啤酒尼基塔的情况下),并与记者一会儿聊。
然后,我们不得不前往阿格拉,让我们的记者通行证,而且更重要的是,我们的手腕带。如果没有这些,我们将无法访问任何的演唱会!已经晚于预期,我们来到阿格拉。当走出缆车,一个小女孩问我们,如果她能带我们的照片。她只是在她的花费周五放学后在那里,拍照的人。而在她的肩膀,她有一个现实生活中的乌鸦!小鸟,她告诉我们,是她的宠物。他们已经找到了受伤的,跌出巢,年前照顾它,直到它被医治,长大了健康。从那时起,它不会离开他们 - 即使它可能飞走在任何时候,它呆在一起的家人和陪同的女孩只要有可能。我们忍不住,问她拍些照片与黑色的鸟 - 以她马上同意,也是鸟类似乎并不介意。
之后未调用手机,四处流浪,并大叫一点点的时间,我们甚至设法找到我们的朋友们已经在那里。也许最大的快乐是看到我们的朋友的女儿。就在一年之前,他们来只为野餐(后开车回家),因为她是怀孕9个月到那个时候 - 而且仅仅一个星期左右,她曾经有过一个小女孩后。今年,他们带着自己1岁的女儿。所以有很多东西可以谈,直到孩子得了太累了,需要一个良好的午睡回到酒店。我们住,虽然和聊上我们没有看到一年多,很多人。而且,因为它也已经成为每年的追求我们,我们忽略了一个事实达便有可能出现一些迟到的演唱会,因为我们本来希望看到,住在公园更长的时间比预期的下午。在任何情况下,乐队将在另一天再次玩,没有必要急于自己。
所以,我们最终看到这一天唯一的演唱会是Desiderii Marginis(后工业/暗环境)。虽然它的确是很有意思的,我不得不承认我的心被固定在另外一件事情:马戈即将到来!我们没有看到我们最好的朋友在数月(其中有些人确实从她在上海的时候知道了),因为她住在俄罗斯由然后。正如前面提到的,她已经搞砸了她的日程安排一个位(那些谁知道她说:马戈 - 需要我多说什么;-)?),我们在等待的电话或短信告诉我们,她终于来到了莱比锡。事实上,有些时候在音乐会期间,我们终于拿到了,她已经到了火车站,并前往酒店,现在的SMS(前台知道另一位客人正要到来,并保持一个关键的她,幸运)。到了那个时候,没有办法再阻止我和我们回到宾馆见面。
经过大量的拥抱和亲吻,我们终于决定去新Sixtina。正如你可能还记得去年的报告中,旧场馆已被关闭,他们没有更多的出城中心的一个位。不过,幸运的是,莱比锡是不是上海 - 所以是多出了中心的一点,并不意味着你需要花费至少一个半小时,在电车或地铁。它只是意味着你要么需要2-3站的电车,或者你步行约10-15分钟。所以实际上,这也没什么大不了的。我们选择了电车,并与一些帮助,因为我们不知道哪儿去,终于找到了。所以我们花时间在Absintherie的啤酒花园区,聊天,无可否认,喝酒。除其他外,还有长凳上的一个约半满一瓶伏特加。这不是属于我们。但清洗时了,服务员一听到尼基塔和马戈说话俄罗斯。他问如果瓶子是我们的,我们大家否认,因为这不是我们的。他接着问,如果他们是俄罗斯,他们说他们。于是,他画了,作为俄罗斯人,他们应该保持伏特加的合乎逻辑的结论。有时,定型可以帮助你获得免费饮料。谁知道...


Saturday, June 7, 2014


As is to be expected after a night like we had before, we did not get up early on Saturday... And when we finally managed to get up, we were slow. Very slow. And tired... But, luckily, we were not as hungover as one might fear. So we still somehow managed to get up and get ready for the day.


Nevertheless, the first thing we were able to do was the yearly meeting of Russian speakers in Agra – which takes place as early as 15:00... But hey, we made it there!


After some confusion as half of the group got lost while going for drinks (I still claim the other were suddenly gone! ;-) ) from one of the stands on the Agra-area and the happy reunion, we decided that going anywhere was much too much stress. Plus it was hot. Incredibly, mind-melting hot. So when people starting to part ways, all we managed was to stroll over to Heidnisches Dorf. You might remember it from last year's report – the pagan village. It basically has everything you need for a nice day: 2 stages, medieval activities like sword-fighting or virgin-auctions, a bathhouse, many huts for shopping, food, drink and, on this day most important, shadow.


After we spent some time sitting on the grass, a couple of friends we actually had just met at the Russian meeting passed by and joined us. So we sat there just a little while longer...


In the evening, we finally manager to go and see a concert. It was the concert of Job Karma. It is indeed a bit hard to name his style of music. You might call it Post industrial ambient. But it was indeed a very interesting experience – especially if you have never seen this kind of concert. The two most remarkable things were the strange “instruments” used on stage as well as the videos playing in the background and creating an indescribable atmosphere.


After, we headed for the second concert and last concert of the day: Sonne Hagal. They played very pleasant Neofolk. In Germany, this style of music actually has a bad reputation for attracting Nazis... But be it as it may, we enjoyed the concert a lot – and we are no Nazis for sure! ;-) We just were very, very tired and headed back to the hotel and into bed immediately after.


不过,我们能够做的第一件事就是讲俄语的阿格拉的年度会议 - 这早在15点00发生......但是,嘿,我们成功了那里!
经过一番混乱一半的组迷路了,当去喝酒(我仍然声称对方突然不见了!;-))从阿格拉区和大团圆的看台之一,我们决定去任何地方是多少太多的压力。再加上它是热的。令人难以置信的是,心融热。所以,当人们开始分道扬镳,所有我们成功是漫步于Heidnisches多夫。你可能会从去年的报告记得它 - 异教徒的村庄。它主要有你需要一个愉快的一天一切:2个阶段,像剑斗或处女拍卖,澡堂,许多木屋购物,食品,饮料和,在这一天最重要的,中世纪的阴影活动。
到了晚上,我们终于经理去看演唱会。这是工作噶音乐会。这的确是一个有点难以命名他的音乐风格。你可以称之为后工业环境。但它确实是一个非常有趣的体验 - 尤其是如果你从来没有见过这样的演唱会。两个最显着的事情在舞台上以及视频播放的背景和创造一种说不出的气氛中使用的奇怪的“乐器”。
之后,我们前往的第二场音乐会和当天的最后一场演唱会:Sonne的Hagal。他们打得非常愉快新民谣。在德国,这种风格的音乐居然有吸引纳粹名声不好......但无论是因为它可能,我们所享有的演唱会了很多 - 我们没有纳粹肯定的! ;-)我们只是非常,非常疲倦,回到为首的酒店,并在床上后,立即。


Sunday, June 8, 2014


Sunday started as another very, very hot day. And the first thing on our agenda was one of my personal highlights: When I was 7 years old, there was a Pop singer in Germany that had one big hit in the charts (if you want to look it up: Lucilectric - Mädchen). Me, as a kid, liked her a lot and her album was the very first CD I ever wanted to have (and got for my 8th birthday). And well, after this one hit nobody ever heard of this singer anymore. But now, 19 years later, it was there, on the WGT program: The singer I liked as a kid was playing a concert, together with Roman Shamov (Rummelsnuff and Weird Fishes), as the group “Meystersinger”!


The nice “side dish” to that was that the concert took place in Sixtina and in the morning (respectively around lunchtime, but that IS morning for us during WGT^^), so we would finally have a chance to enjoy the Absinth-breakfast.


So we headed to Sixtina again (this time, sober and during the day, we found the new location without any trouble at all) and had a nice breakfast and a cup of Absith while enjoying the Indie-Elektropop of Meystersinger. Unfortunately, Nikita and Margo could not understand the lyrics in German, but I can tell you: They are really good! :-)


After the concert, we went towards the stage and, to support the group and just because so many years before I had wanted Luci's CD already and I thought it would be funny to have their music on an actual CD, I bought their CD and we chatted for a while. We had actually planned to give you a short interview with the band. But due to all the health issues we had in the last year, we did not manage to do that anymore...


During the concert, it got more and more hot – the two singers even had to go and change clothes as they got so hot in their outfits, that they were close to fainting in the heat. And indeed: it was far over 30°C in the shadows once we left Sixtina (and again found our way without further trouble now^^). So all we wanted to do was sit and relax somewhere – and we headed to Heidisches Dorf again.


As the mid-day heat burned on, we found a place in the shadow and just sat there, watching people, listening music, drinking and eating and moving as little as possible... We thought about going somewhere else, but the heat stopped us from putting any of those thoughts into action.


Once the afternoon went on and the sun started to decent slowly in the sky, the temperatures began to get more and more bearable. And indeed there was once concert we did not want to miss and we were very right not to do so: Saeldes Sanc & Ernst Horn.


The concert took place in an actual church. This alone already gave it a very special air. Additionally, the beautiful church was decorated even more beautifully. The concert itself as well was absolutely awesome and we agreed that this was the best concert of the whole festival. You could call the style “medieval experimental folk”. In any case, there were several instruments and a “guide” that explained in between the songs what happened in the medieval love story the musicians were telling on stage.


After this very special performance, which I deem to have been the best and especially most interesting concert of this WGT, we went on for the last event of the evening: Collection D'Arnell Andrea. This is a very big group of musicians of not the youngest “semester” that play their instruments very, very well and by ding so create awesome neoclassical Dark Wave.


周日开始为另外一个非常,非常热的一天。而我们议程上的第一件事是我个人的一大亮点:当我7岁的时候,有德国的流行歌手是有一个很大的打击,在图表(如果你想看看它:Lucilectric - Mädchen)。我,作为一个孩子,喜欢她很多,她的这张专辑是我曾经想拥有的第一CD(并得到了我的生日8日)。和好,经此一击,没有人听说过这个歌手了。但现在,19年后,它在那里,在WGT程序:我喜欢作为一个孩子的歌手打了一场音乐会,连同罗马Shamov(Rummelsnuff和古怪的鱼类),作为集团“Meystersinger”!
漂亮的“小菜”到是,在演唱会和Sixtina在早上发生的(分别在午餐时间,但WGT ^^期间,早上给我们),因此我们最终将有机会享受苦艾酒早餐。
所以我们前往Sixtina再次(这时候,清醒的白天,我们发现新的位置没有任何麻烦的话),并有一个很好的早餐和一杯Absith的同时享受Meystersinger的独立-Elektropop。不幸的是,尼基塔和马戈无法理解德国的歌词,但我可以告诉你:他们是真的很不错! :-)
在演唱会上,它得到了越来越热 - 两位歌手甚至不得不去换衣服,因为他们得到了他们的衣服这么热,他们已接近昏厥的热量。事实上:这是远远超过30°C的阴影,一旦我们离开Sixtina(和再次发现我们的路没有进一步的麻烦现在^^)。所以我们想要做的是坐下来放松的地方 - 我们前往Heidisches多夫了。
一旦下午继续,太阳开始慢慢体面的天空,气温也开始得到越来越多的惬意。事实上,曾经有演唱会,我们不想错过,我们是非常正确不这样做:Saeldes SANC与恩斯特号角。




Monday, June 9, 2014


The Monday started with yet another meeting. During the year I had been writing an article for a German blog called “Spontis” (www.spontis.de) that is focused on the Gothic scene. They had found our website by accident and were very curious about the scene in Shanghai. So I gave them a small insight into what all of us are doing over here. Anyways, this named blog holds a “family” meeting, usually every WGT-Monday. So we headed to Moritzbastei, the meeting point, and gathered with a nice and friendly crowd. Accidentally, we also met a couple of friends from Russia there, who just happened to be in the area and joined us on the grass to sit and relax. We got a pin, a magazine and cookies (as they say: “We, on the dark side, always have to have cookies!”). And we had the please to finally see and talk in person with people we had before only known from the internet.


However, we also had a second 'date' planned: The day before, a camera team for the National German television that had got our phone number from the press organizer of WGT asked us to do a short film with us for a reportage about WGT. We had agreed and they were about to meet us on Monday, to make things easy at the Moritzbastei where we knew we would be. And so they came (to the displeasure of the organizer of the blog meeting – in Germany, the press tends to do very crappy stories about WGT, as if we are all freaks one way or another...) along with an interviewer, a camera man and a sound guy. We got our cables and microphones and, to act “naturally”, we had to pretend that we had just arrived and met our friends (which is kind of weird to do several times...). We, as well as our Russian friends and Robert from Spontis gave some short interviews. Of course, they cut out most of it later... But anyways, we agreed that we would meet again later on when we wanted to see Mantus. So we parted our ways.


Later in the afternoon, we headed for Parkbühne (an open air stage) in the heat. It was still hot as hell! We met the film crew outside and entered together for the concert of Mantus. They played solid dark rock as expected. But we could not bear the heat for too long and after just a couple of songs retreated back out of the concert area and into the shade of the trees in front of it. The film crew continued to interview us a bit more detailed. But suddenly, Nikita got a nose bleed. And I am not talking about single drops of blood dripping, it was as if you turned on a faucet and blood streamed out from his nostrils. And it would not stop... So after a while, we headed to the first aid station nearby to see if they could give us any assistance. We got an ice pack for his neck and gauze to save him from accidentally swallowing blood (which, by the way, makes you very sick to your stomach). But nothing really helped... Finally, they suggested we go to the hospital. As this is VERY expensive in Germany, we first took suggestion number two: Go back to the hotel, sit in the cold air of an air conditioned room, drink cold water and wait. Luckily, the film crew had a car and helped us by driving us back to the hotel.


And so ended our last day of WGT a bit different than planned... But that seems to be one of the things always to expect: That thing won't go as planned... ;-)


然而,我们也接受了第二次“约会”的计划:前一天,一个摄制组的德国国家电视台说,已经得到了我们的电话号码WGT的新闻主办方要求我们做一个简短的电影伴随我们左右WGT报道。我们已经同意和他们即将迎接我们在周一,让一切变得简单在哪里莫里茨棱堡,我们知道我们会是。于是他们来到(到博客会议组织者的不满 - 在德国,记者往往会做一下WGT很蹩脚的故事,就好像我们都是怪胎或另一种方式......)以及一个面试官,一摄像头的男人和一个健全的人。我们得到了我们的电缆和麦克风,并采取行动“自然”,我们不得不假装我们刚刚赶到,并会见我们的朋友(这是一种奇怪的做几次?)。我们,以及我们的俄罗斯朋友和罗伯特从Spontis了一些简短的采访。当然,他们削减了大部分后来......但不管怎么说,我们一致认为我们会再次见面以后就当我们想看看Mantus。因此,我们分手的方式。
这么结束比计划我们最后WGT的一天有一点不同......但是,这似乎是的事情总是期待之一:这件事会不会按计划... ;-)




Tuesday, June 10, 2014


One last time we had to deal with the film crew: They wanted to film us leaving the hotel. It was a small marathon of taking some of our luggage (though at least not ALL of it^^) and walking back and forth between the hotel and the train station several times in the renewed heat, until the shot was done. Then another few words in the shadow and we finally had our time to ourselves again. If you want to see the result, you can find the video that was aired on National German television here: http://vk.com/video-292815_169136507?list=fc874d112473057a9d or here:https://youtu.be/HU2j-Id0T-w


For us, it was even more sad this year to say “Byebye” to Margo then to Leipzig... Because one thing is for sure: WGT will take place every year! So if you want to have your own WGT story to tell: Head to Leipzig for Whitsun! ;-)



最后一次,我们不得不面对剧组人员:他们想拍摄我们离开酒店。这是一个小马拉松采取一些我们的行李(尽管至少不会吧^^ ALL),并来回走动的酒店和火车站多次在重新热之间,直到拍摄完成的。然后在另一个影子几句话,我们终于又有了我们的时间到自己。如果你想看到的结果,你可以发现,被宣扬了德国国家电视台在这里的视频:http://vk.com/video-292815_169136507?list=fc874d112473057a9d或在这里:https://youtu.be/HU2j- Id0T-W
对于我们来说,这是更难过,今年说“拜拜”,以马戈然后莱比锡......因为有一件事是肯定的:每年WGT将发生!所以,如果你想拥有自己的WGT的故事:前往莱比锡的圣灵降临节! ;-)