Who we are

Gothic Shanghai was started in the beginning of 2012 by a couple that had been in the gothic scene for over 10 years. Nikita, our DJ and music-mastermind, was born in Almaty (USSR) and lived in Kazakhstan, Germany and Spain. He studied in Madrid and worked as a DJ in the city’s gothic clubs until he moved to Shanghai. His wife Janina, responsible for most of the website and origination of events, lived in Germany (and on Bali and in Madrid) until she moved to Shanghai.
Given the fact that there was nearly no gothic scene in Shanghai, no “dark” clubs to go, no parties or another events, we decided to start Gothic Shanghai with the aim to gather fans of “dark” subculture. We want to enable people who like to dress in black and listen to “dark” styles of music, from Gothic Metal and Rock, Dark Ambient, Postpunk, Dark Wave, Medieval Metal and Rock or Dark Folk to Neoclassical, Psycobilly, Dark Cabaret, EBM, Industrial or Dark Electro.
Although Goths usually look very dark, sometimes even scary and the clichés state that we are all depressed loners that cut their veins for pleasure, we are just nearly normal people that want to have fun. The goth subculture is so divers that it is nearly impossible to sum it up in just a few words. But we don’t want to try and explain what goth is, we simply want to live this lifestyle that we have been living since our adolescence together with others. We are not doing this to make money. We do it out of passion. And we will surely never exclude anybody just because they do not look “goth” enough or do not know about this subculture.
We want to invite every single person that enjoys dark music, art and culture to join our events, to meet new people and to have a good time together.
鉴于这一事实,有哥特式现场几乎没有在上海,没有“黑暗”的俱乐部去,没有当事人或其他事件,我们决定启动哥特上海,目的是收集球迷的“黑暗”的亚文化。我们希望使人们谁喜欢穿黑色和听“黑暗”的音乐风格,从哥特金属,摇滚,黑暗的环境,Postpunk,暗波中世纪金属和岩石或黑暗民间Psycobilly,新古典主义,黑暗歌厅, EBM,工业或暗电。
Janina Gantzert & Nikita Ryazantsev
XianXia Xi Road 500 - 69 - 901
200335 Shanghai
Email: Gothicshanghai@mail.com